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Usina Spark Fonte Automotiva Usina Bivolt 12v 320A Display Carregador.

Usina Spark Fonte Automotiva Usina Bivolt 12v 320A Display Carregador.

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3049 - Power Supply Automotive Usina 320-a Flex Bivolt Digital 12v Heavy Duty Slim Smart Cooler Voltmeter and Ammeter Smart Charger Battery Charger

The result of years of research, Usina power supplies are the very best in terms of power supply, being switched and working at high frequencies with their high-speed IGBT transistors and low-loss SCHOTTKY-type diodes, guaranteeing an efficiency greater than 85%. In addition to having Smart Cooler, Smart Charger, Voltmeter and Ammeter, everything to ensure maximum efficiency and performance in your car sound. Check out some features:

Voltmeter and Ammeter on Display
Flex Bivolt input
adjustable stabilized output
active current control
smart cooler
smart charger

The Automotive Source Usina 320-a Heavy Duty Smart Cooler is good and it plays up to how many Rms?

Yea! The Automotive Source Usina 320-a Heavy Duty Smart Cooler is good and it plays up to 6400 Rms.

Technical Specifications Automotive Power Supply Usina 320-a

Bivolt Flex - 127Vca

AC 127Vac: 100 @ 140Vac
AC 220Vac: -
Consumption 127Vca: 40A (Maximum)
Consumption 220Vca: -
Output Voltage: 12.5 @ 14.4V (+-1%)
Output Current: 240A @ 12.5V (+-5%)
Output Power: 3000Watts (Maximum)
Yield: 82%
Input Power: 3540Watts (Maximum)

Bivolt Flex - 220Vca

AC 127Vac: -
AC 220Vac: 170 @ 250Vac
Consumption 127Vca: -
Consumption 220Vca: 32A (Maximum)
Output Voltage: 12.5 @ 14.4V (+-1%)
Output Current: 320A @ 12.5 (+-5%)
Output Power: 4000Watts (Maximum)
Yield: 82%
Input Power: 4720Watts (Maximum)


Input Cable: 3x2.5mm - 2P+T
Fuse Input: 40A Circuit Breaker
Output Cable: 70mm
Recommended Extension: 4mm (Max 20 Meters)
Approximate Weight: 5.4Kg
Dimensions: 456 x 261 x 72mm


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