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Queratina Prime Pro Extreme Thermal Kit 3 X 34oz quertatina Brasileira Original

Queratina Prime Pro Extreme Thermal Kit 3 X 34oz quertatina Brasileira Original

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The Thermal Line was specially developed so that the professionals meet the expectations of beauty and well-being of its clients. The goal is to offer the maximum volume control in the hair, treating them and giving shine and softness.
Is designed to treat bulging, bulky, dull hair with cuticles weakened by chemical processes and natural wear, or prematurely aged due to a lack of essential nutrients. The treatment promotes a fusion of restorative actives responsible for volume control, making them more resistant through internal regeneration of the wires. The result is visibly regenerated hair, fully disciplined, silky and with antifrizz protection.

First make the diagnosis of the hair evaluating its resistance and texture. For natural or resistant hair, apply the Thermal Shampoo Step 1 for 3 times and massage the wires in the last application to pause for 5 minutes to dilate the cuticles. For damaged or porous hair, wash 1 time with Themal Shampoo Step 1 and repeat application if necessary.

Remove from 80% to 100% of hair moisture with the aid of a hair dryer, divide into 4 parts and start applying Themal Complex Step 2. Use a thin comb and start at the nape of the neck about ½ centimeter from the root, if you notice excess product, remove by passing the fine comb. Once the application is finished, align the wires with fine comb or brush and dryer start smoothing leaving the wires straight and smooth.

After alignment for the fixation and durability of the process, divide into fine wicks, plank 10 to 15 times each wick according to the degree of difficulty for hair alignment. The number of times and the temperature of the board will influence the result of the smoothing. The temperature indicated for healthy or virgin hair is 230º. For hair sensitized or damaged by excessive chemical use the plank at the temperature of 200º.

Moisten the hair and apply a generous portion of Themal Equil Step 3, which is responsible for balancing hair pH and cuticle sealing. I combed the threads and let it pause for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly. If you prefer, use leave-in and finalize as you wish.

Seriseal: Regenerated and sealed hair. Nanotechnology active at the service of hair beauty. It is composed of cationic sericin nanoparticles that adhere to the surface of the hair promoting sealing of the cuticles and replacement of the protein mass.

Chitosan: Internal cuticle restoration. Coming from Chitin, it is a protein extracted from marine crustaceans. Its action promotes the restoration of the hair fiber by aligning and reorganizing the cuticles. It reduces frizz and provides shine and silkiness to the hair.

Aceite de Argan: Hydration and nutrition. It is a natural compound with high nutritional power, rich in vitamin A and essential fatty acids like Omega 6 and Omega 9. It absorbs quickly through the hair, has a natural ability to hydrate, restructure and nourish the hair fiber, and promote cell renewal.

Colágeno: Healthier hair. It is a strong moisturizer that promotes greater elasticity to the hair fiber.

Nano Keratin: Resistance and elasticity. It is an advanced high-tech system that penetrates micro-cracks in the hair fiber. It provides better treatment, structural resistance, elasticity and impermeability, causing immediate reduction in static electricity of the hair, which reduces volume and frizz.

Cysteine: Internal fiber strength. It is the main amino acid of the hair Keratin protein. Responsible for the chemical bonding of the threads, its action restores and strengthens the interior of the fiber, providing flexibility and elasticity to the threads.

-Thermal Shampoo 1L
-Thermal Complex 1L
-Thermal Equil 1L

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