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Progressiva Fioterapia 16oz + Pré-poo 16oz - Keratina Fioterapia 500ml 16oz

Progressiva Fioterapia 16oz + Pré-poo 16oz - Keratina Fioterapia 500ml 16oz

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Progressive Physiotherapy + Pre-Poo - Official Announcement

Now it's easy to have amazing hair for months without having to flat iron every day!

A little more about FIOTHERAPY:
We studied all the best on the market, until we found the perfect formulation that leaves hair without volume, hydrated, silky and super shiny!

An organic formula, supersaturated with the ingredients your hair needs to look great.

FIOTHERAPY has noble silicones, coffee extract, blend of powerful acids and a super moisturizing and conditioning base.

Apply on damp and clean strands from roots to ends, let the product act for 30 minutes, remove the excess with water, dry the hair and finish with a brush, flat iron or whatever you like.

Treat chemically damaged hair, reduce volume, align strands, add shine and silkiness.

Yes, FIOTHERAPY is indicated for all types of hair! Mainly for voluminous hair.

No, the product does not contain formaldehyde! Its formula is totally organic.

The product is compatible with any chemical, however in hair with henna we recommend a break of at least 12 months between one treatment and the other.

The launch of Everk Cosméticos took almost a year to be developed! And the reason is obvious, we test and look for the perfect actives to develop the best product on the market! This is no longer one of those mixtures with poton conditioning creams! This is a super protective treatment, your new ally to protect the wires from damage caused by shampoos...

The Pre-Poo by Everk Cosméticos has in its formula super saturated with olive oil, along with a mega potent base. Do you know what that means?
This means that the Pre-Poo will form a protective lipid barrier, preventing dryness caused by the use of any shampoo.

But it doesn't stop there, the Pre-Poo will also help with moisture retention and hydration of chemically treated hair, will provide super silkiness in the strands and reduce split ends.

Usage Suggestion:

Apply the Pre-Poo 20 minutes before washing your hair with shampoo, from the middle to the ends of the hair!
Obs. Pre-Poo should be applied on dry hair before washing.

Main questions about the PRE-OOP:

1- Is it for all types of hair?

Yes, the Pre-Poo is indicated for all types of hair. You will love!

2- Can pregnant women use it?

Yes, Pre-Poo does not contain chemicals in its formulation.

3- Should I use it every day?

Yes, it is recommended to use the Pre-Poo before washing your hair with the Shampoo.

4- Is it compatible with all chemicals?

Yes, Pre-Poo is compatible with all chemicals on the market.

5- What is the validity of the Pre-Poo?

It is valid for 3 years.

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