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Onix Liss Botox Capilar Onix Liss Tratamento Capilar 1kg.

Onix Liss Botox Capilar Onix Liss Tratamento Capilar 1kg.

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Capilar Botox Onyx Liss is a powerful hair fiber rebuilder, contains actives that return silkiness and moisture to the hair; reduce the volume and treat damaged hair while providing a perfect straight. It is compatible with any chemistry and hair having a durability of 20 to 30 days with the exception of growth. Hair can be washed immediately after application.
Composed of 1Kg Hair Botox (pH 4.5) - Hair Botox Onyx Liss treats the entire fiber structure, keeping the wires aligned, nourished, strong, healthy and frizz-free. The Ojon Oil base is perfect to restore the vitality of the wires, promotes deep hydration and malleability to the wires.

1st STEP
Wet the hair and apply the Ônix Liss Anti-residue shampoo, rubbing the hair well from root to tip. Apply the shampoo again, repeating the same process. Then rinse all the hair and dry it 100%.

2nd STEP
Start applying the product, with the help of a comb and brush, pass the product only on the top of the lock, close to the root, with the comb spread the product to the ends, then let it act for 15 minutes (if you prefer, use thermal touch). Then take the client to the washbasin and rinse the hair, with the towel remove the excess water.

3rd STEP
Divide the applied part into thin strands. Then brush and straighten


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