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Mutari Kit Multicereais Profissional Mutari Trigo.

Mutari Kit Multicereais Profissional Mutari Trigo.

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Professional Multi Cereal Shampoo

Provides effective cleaning without harming the hair.

The Professional Multi Cereais Shampoo was developed with HydraBrilho action that will offer an effective cleaning without harming the wires. It has a pearly formulation, detangler that hydrates the wires.

HOW TO USE: Wash the hair, massaging the strands and scalp. Rinse off. Repeat the procedure as needed.

FUNCTION: Cleans gently, removing impurities without damaging them.

EFFECT: Provides lightness and movement to the threads.

Mutari, always thinking about the environment and how to make better use of its packaging, informs that the 2L Multi Cereais Shampoo will be shipped without the plastic film, as we have adapted a sealing lid to the packaging. In this way, the cover must be removed and the valve inserted, which will be sent along with the order. The valve lasts longer and should not be discarded after shampooing. When the customer replaces the Shampoo, he must reuse the same valve.

Specifications: 2L

Multi Cereal Mask - Easy Nutrit

Restorative and protective effect, providing softness, shine and pleasant texture to the hair.
Special mask for chemically treated hair
Formulation based on vegetable complex of sunflower, wheat, soy, corn and Amino Protector Complex (9 amino acids) with restorative and protective effect, providing softness, shine and pleasant texture to the hair. It has sodium PCA, a moisturizer derived from glutamic acid, which restores strength and resistance to relaxed strands, straightened with a progressive or permanent brush.

Function: returning the strength and resistance of relaxed strands, with progressive brushing or any other shape or color transformation process.

Effect: restoration, protection, softness, shine and pleasant texture to the hair.

Assets: plant complex of sunflower, wheat, soy and corn, Amino Protector Complex and sodium PCA.

Specifications: 950g

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