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Máscara Biotina Natureza Cosméticos 1 Kg. 33oz

Máscara Biotina Natureza Cosméticos 1 Kg. 33oz

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main features
Brand Nature Cosmetics
Biotin Line
Type of treatment Growth, strength and shine
Is it a kit No
Units per package 1
Unit sales format
net weight 1 kg
Effects: Growth, Strength, Brightness, Nourishment, Reconstruction, Accelerates Growth
Format: Cream
Presentation: Pot
Is it cruelty free: Yes
With fragrance: yes
Are you vegan: Yes
- Nature Cosmetics Biotin Mask 1 kilo

Organic and Biodegradable Mask, does not harm nature as it is decomposed by shower water, sewage, etc. Highly moisturizing, nutritious and reconstructive, in addition to accelerating hair growth. Vitamins and amino acids that nourish the hair, reducing breakage and hair loss, and biotin, together with coffee oil, clean the pores of the scalp, making hair grow faster and stronger. HAS SUN PROTECTION.

How to use: Wash your hair with shampoo, apply the mask by spreading it all over your hair with a comb. Pause for 10 minutes and rinse.



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