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Magic Color Matizador Platinum Branco - 500ml

Magic Color Matizador Platinum Branco - 500ml

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Gloss Matizador 3D Platinum Branco is a pigmented capillary mask for bleached blonde, white or gray and chemically processed hair, with a de-yellowing system that neutralizes the oxidized tones acquired over time. It has a gloss effect provided by pigmented glitters and essential amino acids (cysteine, lysine, glycine, arginine and tyrosine), offering hair restructuring, strengthening, resistance and nutrition. Its effect is gradual and progressive.

- Restructures, strengthens and promotes shine;
- Delays factors that cause hair loss;
- Formed of keratin;
- Restructures the protein matrix of keratin and gives resistance;
- Essential for the formation of melanin.
- Untying.

1 - After washing your hair with your favorite shampoo, apply this product diluted in a white cream to damp hair, rubbing from root to tip, without massaging.
2 - Leave to act between 3 and 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
- For a perfect result, the product must be diluted in a white cream.

- The result depends on the bleaching carried out on the hair and the desired tone. This product does not lighten, it just unties the wires.

- Before application, do the test on a strand with the product diluted in white cream.

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