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Truss Kit Miracle Shampoo e Condicionador 300ml + Night Spa 250ml envio FEDEX.

Truss Kit Miracle Shampoo e Condicionador 300ml + Night Spa 250ml envio FEDEX.

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1 Truss Miracle Shampoo 300ml
1 Truss Miracle Conditioner 300ml
1 Truss Night Spa Serum 200ml

Truss Miracle Kit Duo is designed for all hair types. It has a Blend of Miracle Oils, Glow System, Cysteine, Creatine and Sericin, gently cleans, while increasing elasticity and resistance, aids in healthy growth, protects the color of colored hair and has an anti-aging action, which combats the aging of hair. wires.

Truss Infusion Night Spa Serum is a weekly treatment suitable for all hair types. Deeply hydrates and rebuilds hair through its 100% Vegan foundation.

Protects color, strengthens hair, revitalizes dry and damaged strands. It helps in healthy growth and has an anti-aging action.

The result is soft hair, with 3D shine and incredibly healthy.

How to use:

Apply Truss Miracle Shampoo to damp hair, massaging gently until lathering. Rinse. If necessary, repeat the operation. Then use Truss Miracle Conditioner from length to tip, massaging gently. Leave on for two minutes and rinse. At night, apply Truss Night Spa Serum to dry hair, lock by lock and massage. Attention: only on the length and ends, do not apply close to the root. If necessary, remove excess moisture with the dryer. Let it act in your sleep. The next day, wash 2-3 times with Shampoo and Miracle Conditioner.

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