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Magic Color Complete Anti-Slip Kit

Magic Color Complete Anti-Slip Kit

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This kit contains:

Anti-boring Reconstructor Shampoo 300ml
Balanced Cleaning and Wire Elasticity Control. Exclusively formulated to promote a smooth and reconstructive cleaning without harming the wires. Nourishes and leaves hair looking healthy. Treatment for extremely damaged and rubbery hair.

Anti-smudging Hydrolyzed Keratin 250ml
Keratin Replacement and Resistance to Breakage.Magic Color Anti-Dumpling Hydrolyzed Keratin is highly concentrated and has the benefit of developing Keratin lost after chemical and mechanical processes, recomposing the capillary mass controlling elasticity and providing resistance to breakage and repair surface damage. With Prodew, which has several amino acids, it provides beneficial effects to the strands, such as hydration, strengthening of the structure and color protection. Treatment for extremely damaged and rubbery hair

Capillary Regenerating Anti-boring 300ml
The exclusive Anti-Dumpling Capillary Regenerator system has Keratin, Amino Acids and High Performance actives that instantly treat the hair fiber internally and externally. Keratin promotes an exceptional sealing of the cuticles and provides a perfect internal reconstruction, involving the threads with a protective film, softening the aggression caused by chemical processes in general and recovering the capillary fiber with excellent plasticity of the threads.

Restorative Anti-Dumpling Mask 300g
The anti-rubber reconstructive mask promotes hair reconstruction and deep hydration.

With a formula rich in Royal Jelly, Milk Proteins and Coconut Oil, it restructures and rebalances the pH of the hair, especially the strands submitted to coloring, discoloration, straightening and perm. Its action improves the structure of the hair fiber leaving the hair visibly restored with shine, softness and life. Treatment for extremely damaged and rubbery hair.

Anti-slip Hair Brushing 50ml
Thermoprotective finisher pre-brush. Hair Brushing Anti Rubber is an innovative, high-performance multifunctional product with ultra-moisturizing thermo-protective actives.

Immediate result during the hair brushing process, facilitating the brush's sliding and thermally protecting the strands from heat, preventing wear.

How to use:
Wet your hair and apply Step 1 Anti-Emborrachamento Reconstructor Shampoo, massaging it well until it forms a foam. Rinse with plenty of water and repeat the operation for a deeper cleaning. Then apply step 2 Hydrolyzed Keratin Hydrolyzed Keratin. Still with the Anti-Dumpling Hydrolyzed Keratin-Step2-on the hair, apply step 3- Anti-Dumpling Capillary Regenerator in sufficient quantity to coat all the strands, from root to tip and leave on the strands with a 15-minute break time without massaging. If you prefer, use a plastic or laminated cap to enhance the result. After rinsing Step 3- Anti-Dumpling Capillary Regenerator, apply Step 4- Anti-Dumpling Reconstructive Mask strand by strand. Massage the wires and let the product act for ten minutes in the plastic or thermal cap. Rinse and finish with step 5 Hair Brushing Anti Rubber. Apply a small amount to all hair. Pre-brush: apply to damp, clean strands and start the brush. To finish and protect from external damage: apply to dry hair as needed and style as usual.

External adult use. Keep out of reach of children and in a cool, ventilated place. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. In the event of irritation, discontinue use and seek medical advice.

01 Magic Color Reconstructor Shampoo Anti-boring 300 ml
01 Magic Color Hydrolyzed Keratin Anti-dagging 250 ml
01 Magic Color Hair Regenerator Anti-drinking 300 ml
01 Magic Color Restorative Anti-Dumpling Mask 300g
01 Magic Color Hair Brushing Anti-dagging 50ml

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