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Nova Central Ajk Sound Power Vu Para Faróis com Rgb Ritmico

Nova Central Ajk Sound Power Vu Para Faróis com Rgb Ritmico

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main features
AJK brand
Model Lighting Effects Meter Lights Led Auto Sound
Includes reactors: No

New AJK Sound Power VU Headlights for Rhythmic RGB Headlights

This is a product that will give your sound more impact, providing luminous effects and assisting in VU measurement. This Central AJK Audio Meter will allow you to visually measure the audio signal strength of your equipment.

The measurement of VU - Volume Units or decibels, is very important and with this Central you can do it visually, with a device made with excellent quality materials and protection against short or overload in the outputs.

• Power supply: 9 to 16 Vdc
• Max. Consumption Without Headlights: 60 mA @ 14.4Vdc
• Max. Consumption Stand-By: 6.5mA @ 14.4Vdc
• Capacity of Headlights per output: 300
• High Sensitivity Internal Microphone: Yes
• Weight: 150 Grams
• Dimensions: 106x47x27mm

• 14 Demo Effects
• 12 colors demo mode
• 4 audio mode effects
• 19 colors audio mode

• Number of headlights: 5 to 300
• Buttons and LEDs
• Button + demo effect
• Effect direction button, changes the effect direction of the selected mode
• ON/OFF button, turns the power vu on and off if you have not used the remote
• Button - demo effect
• Effect color button, changes the effect color of the selected mode
• Audio mode button, used to enter audio mode and also to change the audio effect.
• Demo effect speed adjustment trimpot, clockwise increases effect speed.
• Audio effect microphone sensitivity adjustment trimpot, clockwise makes the microphone less sensitive
• Positive feeding
• Negative power supply
• Remote
• Output 1
• Output 2
• LED indicative demo mode
• LED indicative audio mode

automatic mode:
• To activate the automatic mode, press and hold button 1 or 4 for 3 seconds, LED 14 will be blinking and the demo effects will be switched automatically every 5 seconds.
• The color, direction and speed of the effect in auto mode can be changed normally without turning off auto mode.
• To exit automatic mode, press the effect or audio mode buttons.

Adjusting the number of headlights:
• To adjust the number of headlights it is necessary that the control unit is off, keep buttons 1 or 4 pressed for 2 seconds, then the headlights that are programmed will light up
• With the first and last headlights in red and the others white, to vary the number of headlights use buttons 1 or 4. When reaching the desired number of headlights, release all the buttons and wait for the confirmation blinks that the control unit has left the headlight setting mode.
• The minimum number of headlights is 5 and the maximum is 300

Demo Effects:
• Points race
• One point from start to finish
• A stitch comes and goes
• Two points come and go
• Fill all
• Accumulating points
• Accumulating points from the center
• Comet
• Comet comes and goes
• Fan of
• Degrade
• 10 out of 10 headlights of each color
• Wave colors
• Fills all 10 out of 10 headlights

Colors demo effects:
• White
• Red
• Green
• Blue
• Cyan
• Pink
• Yellow
• Orange AJK
• Scan
• Changes every 5 seconds
• Switches every 0.5 seconds
• Change every cycle

Audio mode effects:
• VU fills all
• VU fills it all with peak retention
• VU fills everything with falling peak
• Point-to-Point VU

Audio mode colors:
• White
• Red
• Green
• Blue
• Cyan
• Pink
• Yellow
• Orange AJK
• Scan
• Changes every 5 seconds
• Switches every 0.5 seconds
• 70% white / 20% green / 10% red
• 70% white / 20% yellow / 10% red
• All white and last red
• All Green and last Red
• All blue and last red
• All red and last white
• Change every cycle
• Wave Colors

Included Items:
• 01 Central Power VU
• 01 Warranty Term
• 01 Manual in Portuguese
• 01 Sticker

Brand: AJK
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