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Tratamento cabelo Brasileiro Cadiveu Plastica Dos Fios Kit Home Care 3 Passos .

Tratamento cabelo Brasileiro Cadiveu Plastica Dos Fios Kit Home Care 3 Passos .

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Brazilian Hair Treatment Cadiveu Plastica Dos Fios Kit Home Care 3 Steps





Home Care Plastic Dos Fios Kit - Cadiveu


Kit Cadiveu Professional Plastic Home Care


enhances the effects of heat sealing and smoothing.


Eliminates frizz, deeply nourishes hair and maintains effect


smooth for longer. Contains nutrients that are high


penetrability and restoring power. With that, your hair


rescues the intense and natural shine, hydration and soft touch.


Post-Sealing Shampoo The Post-Sealing Plastic Shampoo


Sealing enhances the results of thermal sealing and


leaves hair clean. O-Post Sealing Conditioner


Post-Sealing Plastic Wire Conditioner assists in


elimination of frizz and silkiness of the hair, in addition to


enhance the results of thermal sealing. Smooth Magic


Gradual Smooth Serum 215ml The Magic Straight Plastic Yarn


reactivates the effect of heat sealing and eliminates frizz! With


revolutionary formulation and memory effect it guarantees a smooth


chemical-free instant, plus quick drying and reduction


split ends. Indication: Suitable for hair


bulky, frizzy and undisciplined.


How to use: Shampoo Apply shampoo to hair


wet and massage gently. Rinse well and, if


necessary, repeat the process. Conditioner After washing


the yarns with the product Post Yarn Shampoo


Sealing, apply the Conditioner on damp hair,


massage and rinse. Straight Magic Spray on hair


moist and clean from root to tip, continue brushing


and plank strand by strand. Tip: Use daily on all


brushing to stimulate the memory effect.


Ingredients and Actions: Its exclusive formulation contains Acid


Acetic (ph acid), Acai and Arginine


Kit Contains


Packaging: 300ml Shampoo


Conditioner 300ml


Smooth Magic 215ml


Smoothing Shampoo: Gently cleanses the hair while reducing frizz without causing dryness to the hair strands. Results: Silky and shiny hair.


Smoothing Conditioner: Promotes deep hydration and taming the hair. Results: Tamed and frizz free hair.


1. Thermal protector.

2. Restoration of hair strands.

3. Anti-breakage action.

4. Frizz prevention.

5. Prolongs the smoothing effect.


Sulfate Free.

We are not responsible for fees charged in your country

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