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Soupleliss Escova Progressiva Gold Liss Envio rapido Fedex.

Soupleliss Escova Progressiva Gold Liss Envio rapido Fedex.

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01 - Gold Liss 1L Realignment - Souple Liss


Souple Liss Gold: Smooth and Restructure your hair!
The Gold Souple Liss Line brings you the best hair realignment line on the market, as it features gold drops formed by the blend of argan, myrrh and Monoi, bringing beauty, restructuring and much more realignment to your hair.

The Gold Liss Souple Liss Thermal Realignment provides the strands with a powerful long-lasting and effective hair restructuring, providing the strand with the reconstruction of its hair fiber, generating more beautiful, healthy and full of life hair.
Anvisa Product: Souple Liss Pre-Gold Prep Shampoo – 25351.954352/2016-92 Souple Liss Gold Liss Thermal Realignment – ??25351.954340/2016-59

Mode of Use:
Wash your hair with the Gold Souple Liss Preparing Shampoo, massaging the scalp gently with your fingertips. After that, rinse and repeat the operation, removing excess water if deemed necessary, followed by the application of Thermal realignment or Souple Liss Sealant, according to the desired process. After washing the hair with the Gold Souple Liss Preparing Shampoo, dry the strands with the aid of a dryer from 70% to 100% and divide into 4 equal parts. Apply strand by strand the Gold Liss Souple Liss Thermal Realignment, always respecting 1 centimeter of the root, leaving a pause time of 20 to 40 minutes depending on the structure of the hair, realigning the strands with the help of a fine comb every 10 minutes. Given the break time, rinse the hair with plenty of water, dry, brush and iron into thin strands 5 to 10 times each strand with the 180ºC to 190ºC straightener. Finish as you wish.

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