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Soundigital 12000.1 Evo 4.0 Digital 12.000w - 1 Ohm Original Brasil.

Soundigital 12000.1 Evo 4.0 Digital 12.000w - 1 Ohm Original Brasil.

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Soundigital Amplifier 12000.1 Evo4.0 1ohms 12000wrms

The new 12000.1 EVO 4.0 features a symmetrical dual power connector.

This novelty guarantees a more efficient power supply to the amplifier, with the entry of more cables and internally guarantees greater symmetry in the circuits.

With tracks of exactly the same length and thickness on both sides of the amplifier, we have greater energy efficiency and a substantial improvement in the system's bass and sub-bass response.

12000.1 EVO 4.0 1 Ohms
Power 12.6V 1 Ohms: 1 x 12000 W RMS
Power 12.6V 2 Ohms: 1 x 7920 W RMS
Power 12.6V 4 Ohms: 1 x 5227 W RMS
Power 14.4V 1 Ohms: 1 x 13380 W RMS
Power 14.4V 2 Ohms: 1 x 8831 W RMS
Power 14.4V 4 Ohms: 1 x 5828 W RMS
Frequency Response: 5Hz - 6kHz
Crossover: LP 50Hz ~ 6kHz / HP 5Hz ~ 80Hz 12dB/8th
Damping Factor: > 200
Maximum consumption: 1287A
Dimensions (LxWxH): 53.0 X 22.5 X 7.1 CM
Weight: 7kg

Note: It is recommended that the installation be done by a specialized professional and we are not responsible for the misuse of the product.

We are not responsible for fees charged in your country

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