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Sérum Poderoso 120ml Gold Spell Cosméticos - Original

Sérum Poderoso 120ml Gold Spell Cosméticos - Original

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Serum Powerful 120ml Gold Spell Cosméticos - Original


Introducing our incredible Power Serum, the product you needed to achieve amazing, voluminous brows!

After the success of the Powerful Tonic and the Powerful Shampoo and Conditioner, we decided to create a solution for those with very brittle hair ends. We also think of the thousands of requests for a product to apply to the eyebrows that does not run when applied and has long-lasting action.

With its unique formula, our serum is designed to encourage natural brow growth, helping to fill in gaps and plump up. In a short time, you will notice a significant improvement in the appearance of your eyebrows, with thicker, more defined and healthier strands.

Power Serum is easy to use and non-invasive. Just apply a small amount every night to clean, dry brows before bed, and let the product work overnight. Its gentle and effective formula is suitable for all skin types, without causing irritation or unpleasant side effects. With visible results in just a few weeks, our Power Serum is the perfect addition to your daily beauty routine. Buy it now and enjoy stunning, stunning brows in no time!

Our serum is also designed to hydrate and repair hair ends, helping to prevent breakage and restore the strands' natural softness and shine. With regular use, you will notice a significant improvement in the appearance and texture of your hair, with healthier ends protected from future damage.

The Powerful Serum has the power of carrot extract combined with the powerful bioex and enhanced with biotin! We took advantage of the successful formula of Tonic Power and created a solution for eyebrows and hair ends.

The Powerful Serum Works Based on 3 Actives:

The carrot is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, that is, it helps to replace the water lost in the hair, provides shine to the locks, gently cleanses the scalp, removes impurities and stimulates healthy growth.

Among the highlights of the benefits for locks are growth stimulation, prevention of the appearance of gray hairs, recomposition of thickness, strengthening and rejuvenation.

BIOEX CAPILLAR is a complex that brings together the active principles of the following extracts: QUINE, CAPSICUM, POLLEN, ARNICA, NETTLE, PFAFFIA, EGG YOLK, WHEAT GERM, ACETYL METHIONINE.

Mode of Use:

Apply directly to the desired location and spread with fingertips massaging.
Important: Avoid contact with eyes.
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