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Exo Hair Profissional Ultratech queratina brasileira Exoplastia 2X 500ML 16.9 oz

Exo Hair Profissional Ultratech queratina brasileira Exoplastia 2X 500ML 16.9 oz

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What is it?

Capillary exoplasty is a smoothing technique developed by Dr. José Kacowicz as a result of numerous researches.

It is a procedure that, in addition to smoothing and reducing the volume of the strands, restructures the hair from the inside out, leaving it stronger and healthier.



Using KUP® (Keratin Ultra-Peptides) as an active ingredient, a particle developed by Dr. Kacowicz based on nanotechnology, the capillary exoplasty procedure significantly facilitates the act of straightening, as the electrostatically charged peptide nanoparticles of KUP® are attracted like “magnets” to the cuticular surface, penetrating deeply into the thread.

KUP® crosses the cuticle, attaches itself deeply to the cortex and forms a protective and protein-reinforcing network inside and outside the stem.



Unlike the progressive brush, for example, the exoplasty procedure does not use formaldehyde and, therefore, is safer for both the professional and the client, as it does not produce toxic fumes, does not change the capillary mass for Bakelite (plastic) and does not dries the hair.

Furthermore, there is no chemical incompatibility with previous procedures and no risk of permanent damage to the wires as there is in chemical relaxation.



Capillary exoplasty is fundamentally based on the treatment and reconstruction of the hair. Therefore, the result is smooth, restructured and shiny hair, in hair of all types, compatible with any dye or previous treatment.

Briefly, capillary exoplasty “treats while smoothing”.



- 2 times more smoothing power

- Completely free of formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde

- Compatible with any chemical or dye

- Up to 4 months of smooth effect duration

- 5x more safety for blondes and redheads

- Silkier hair with intense shine

- Yields 10 applications on medium hair

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