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Bio Tanix Prime Pro Extreme Passo 2 33,81 Fl. Oz Queratina Brasileira Original.

Bio Tanix Prime Pro Extreme Passo 2 33,81 Fl. Oz Queratina Brasileira Original.

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Estado do item: Novo, com caixa

Ingredients: Keratin

Hair Type: All Hair Types

MPN: Nao se aplica

Styling Effect: Anti-Frizz, Smoothing/Straightening

Suitable For: Hair

Active Ingredients: Keratina

Brand: Bio Tanix Prime

Type: Keratin Treatment

Department: Unisex

Volume: 33 fl oz

Formulation: Crean

Features: Alcohol-Free

Country/Region of Manufacture: Brazil

Product Line: Bio Tanix Prime


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 the combination of actives that work together to smooth resistant hair. They promote a shift in the keratin chain, which enables the formation of new bridges. A 35-minute break is required for its action and it is during this break that the bridges are grouped together with the Cystine and Cysteine ​​bonds, enabling the creation of a new shape for the hair. The result is smooth, straight and shiny hair.




With the new formula, the Organic Progressive Brush, smoothes even the most resistant hair, reduces volume and eliminates frizz in the first application without yellowing the lighter hair and without losing the tone of previously colored hair. The new formula has essential assets for a complete recovery of hair straightening and nutrition with complete safety. Say goodbye to aggressive chemicals and preservatives. With Organic Progressive, the hair gains a more natural look, with intense shine and remains healthy and free from aggression.

1 Liter Organic Asset
Before any procedure, shake all the bottles well so that the components of the products are uniform.
Moisten the hair, apply the Shampoo and massage evenly from the scalp and the entire length of the strands. If necessary, repeat the procedure. Rinse thoroughly, removing all the product.
In light hair, dry 50% of the hair and if it is dark hair, dry 100% of the hair. Divide them into strands and apply A PROGRESSIVA ORGANICA, strand by strand (apply from the middle of the strands downwards, with your hand behind the strands and spread the product along the entire length of the strands with a comb, leaving a space of 1 to 1 .5 cm from the root. Even respecting this distance, the root will be smooth.). After full application, it is essential that you cover it with a plastic cap, and let it rest for 45 to 60 minutes (the more resistant the hair, the longer the pause time, but a maximum of 60 minutes. After the pause, rinse the hair removing all the product. This is of paramount importance. You cannot use the dryer or flat iron with any trace of the product in the hair.
Prepare the hair to dry, with the aid of a round brush - it is essential to leave the strands completely smooth. Then, plank at the appropriate temperature, according to the resistance of the wires, 10 to 15 times. For blonde hair, use the flat iron at a maximum temperature of 180° to avoid showing the lightening background.
In the sink, rinse the hair and apply the Repairing Mask, wait 3 minutes and rinse. The result is smooth hair, without fading of the strands, treating it with unparalleled shine and naturalness.
It is compatible with any and all chemistry, but as a prevention we always recommend doing the smear test.
We do NOT recommend coloring and progressive on the same day. The correct thing is to do the organic progressive first and after about 3 days, do the coloring.
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